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Bryant Park Children’s Area Competition
Atlanta Botanical Garden Children's Garden Entrance

Tres Fromme led an in-house team to develop three distinct garden schemes celebrating aspects of Bryant Park’s unique context: The Island of Manhattan; Literature (due to the adjacency to the New York Public Library); and New York City as a technological urban environment. Each proposed design sat on the same site within the Park.

The goal was to explore creative and imaginative ways to engage children and adults in immersive, interactive, and stimulating spaces intended to alter positively their perceptions of themselves, other people, and the landscapes they inhabit. Integrating transformation and change were critical to keep the gardens fresh and to encourage repeat visitation. Strong visual and experiential elements responded to a desire to establish an innovative and memorable icon for the Park and the City.

Experience of Tres Fromme while at MESA

Hydrology Room Geologic Room Gridlock Maze
Clothesline Maze Reflective Room Reflection Ring

Grove of Water The Planet Earth

The Little Prince's Planet The Baobab Planet The King's Planet
The Geographers Planet The Gas Lamp Planet Sound Ring

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