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Garvan Woodland Gardens Treehouse Interpretive Elements
Garvan Woodland Gardens Treehouse

Garvan Woodland Gardens and Modus Architects invited Tres Fromme to lead the team in collaboratively generating an interpretive program for an innovative tree house set within the existing children’s garden and canopy walk. Fromme facilitated the team in establishing a focused overarching message, key supporting themes, and specific motifs to activate the architecture and landscape experiences for visitors of all ages.

Fromme then led the team through a creative dialogue via drawings and presentations to develop the designs for a series of two and three-dimensional art pieces integrated into the tree house, woodland plantings, and an adjacent pond. Key goals included engaging visitors’ minds, bodies, and imaginations through interactive components; echoing the Gardens and architecture’s identity; providing a robust and beautiful framework for discovery, and supporting interpretive storytelling with no written text.

The design of the final booklet graphics serves several important functions: it documents the design intent and concept design for bidding and pricing; it assists Gardens staff in building programs and materials; and it tells a compelling story for potential donors.


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