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Atlanta Botanical Garden Gardens in Storza Woods
Atlanta Botanical Garden Storza Woods Master Plan

The 15-acre Gardens in Storza Woods doubled ABG’s displays, plant collections, visitor experience, and learning opportunities while complimenting the existing sunlit formal gardens. As ABG’s Landscape Design and Planning Manager, Tres Fromme collaborated with staff and Spurlock Poirier Landscape Architects to design a sequence of compelling, vibrant, and ADA accessible woodland gardens. Smith Dalia Architects developing the jewel-like restroom building. Jeffrey Carbo Landscape Architects provided early design support.

The design includes three new immersive garden destinations highlighting and respecting the existing trees, topography, and WPA era stone channels. The Woodland Ramble invites visitors through a sequence of themed garden rooms. Choreographed colors and fragrances run from April to July along the Azalea Walk. A water mirror, water stairs, and sunlit flowering “meadow” enliven the Glade Garden. The Gardens in Storza Woods opened in 2015.

Experience of Tres Fromme at the Atlanta Botanical Garden
All Photos Credit Arlen Kennedy

Atlanta Botanical Garden Storza Woods Bridge Atlanta Botanical Garden Storza Woods Fountain

All Photos Credit Arlen Kennedy

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