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Atlanta Botanical Garden Master Plan
Atlanta Botanical Garden Master Plan
Overall Master Site Plan

Tres Fromme, as the Garden’s Landscape Design and Planning Manager, facilitated senior and front-line staff in a series of workshops exploring and envisioning the future of the Garden’s 30 acres. The planning process communicated a shared vision, garnered organization-wide support, and generated creative enthusiasm. The major goal was to optimize and perfect the Garden’s limited urban acreage.

The Plan identifies three major new compelling garden destinations in currently underutilized or outdated areas: the contemporary styled Skyline Gardens, the enchantingly romantic Gardens in Storza Woods, and the completely renovated Children’s Garden. The Plan also proposes carefully-sited buildings augmenting staff offices and visitor amenities, including a new CafĂ©, Education Complex, and a Center for Conservation. Jeffrey Carbo Landscape Architects provided support throughout the process.

The Garden has completed several key projects since the Master Plan’s completion in 2013. Fromme was lead designing on the Gardens in Storza Woods, The Children’s Garden Renovation, and the Skyline Gardens. He also designed the gardens surrounding the new restaurant.

Experience of Tres Fromme while at Atlanta Botanical Garden
Atlanta Botanical Garden Master Plan Perspective
Perspective of Skyline Gardens - Graphic by Tom Sherrill

Atlanta Botanical Garden Master Plan Detail 1
Detail of Master Plan

Channel Gardens - Graphic by Tom Sherrill

Glade Garden - Graphic by Tom Sherrill

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