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Balboa Park Botanical Building and Gardens
Balboa Park Conservatory Botanical Building Plan

Spurlock Landscape Architects asked 3. Fromme Design to collaborate with them and the Balboa Park Conservancy on envisioning the future for this celebrated historic structure and its surroundings. The intent was to respect and creatively evolve the Building's architectural, horticultural, and civic heritage in a sensitive and celebratory manner responding to its current role in Balboa Park's and San Diego's urban dynamic. Fromme worked closely with Spurlock to conceptualize changes to the Building's interior, including rotating seasonal display space, permanent garden plantings, water features, visitor amenities, and enhanced access and circulation.

The project also proposed exuberant gardens artfully displaying water-wise native and adapted plants within the original landscape framework surrounding the Botanical Building and canal. Redefined lawn panels, recreation of a historic arbor, and additional paths support the visitor experience while augmenting venues for events and celebrations as well as casual daily use.

The team also established strong aesthetic and functional connections among the Building; the surrounding gardens; the historic courtyards and architecture; the San Diego Zoo, and the Park, particularly its circulation systems. The Conservancy is using the final illustrative drawings and documentation to communicate about and fundraise for the project.


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