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Desert Botanical Garden Core Trail Master Plan
Desert Botanical Garden Core Trail Master Plan
Overall Core Trail Master Plan

Tres Fromme facilitated an interdepartmental team through a creative group process with the intent of reinvigorating the heart of the property. Goals included respecting and building upon the Gardens’ existing histories, forms, patterns, and programs while envisioning compelling future destinations and attractions for diverse audiences.

The Master Plan clarified the Core Gardens into a number of identity areas, spaces of strongly related visitor experience, horticultural intents, programmatic goals, functional uses, and new galleries. Both the process and the final products communicate to diverse advocates the compelling reasons to support the Gardens’ ongoing evolution.

Fromme led the design of the first realized Master Plan projects that opened in 2013: the Desert Terraces and the Desert Portal.

Experience of Tres Fromme at Studio Outside and 3. Fromme Design
Desert Botanical Garden Portal Illustration
Spatial Sequence Sketch Studies

Desert Botanical Garden Core Trail Master Plan Circulation Diagram Desert Botanical Garden Core Trail Master Plan Staff and Designers
Circulation Diagram Facilitated Planning Workshop

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