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Reiman Gardens Master Plan
Remain Garden Illustrative Master Plan

Iowa State University’s Reiman Gardens selected the team of 3. Fromme Design and Spurlock Poirier to collaborate with them on envisioning the future of the 17- acre property. The master plan enhances the Gardens’ roles as visitor destination, campus jewel, and memorable gateway to the University and City of Ames.

The participatory planning process focused on adding iconic destination gardens; clarifying circulation systems; providing staff support facilities; and increasing on-site revenue opportunities while respecting the Gardens’ many existing strengths. Architectural explorations established initial siting and program for a new visitor center/gift shop/cafe, offices, expanded event complex, and maintenance facilities. The Gardens’ Strategic Plan provided a critical framework for evaluation and prioritizing ideas.

The Design Team worked closely with the University’s planners, President, and First Lady.

Reiman Garden Circulation Diagram

Reiman Garden Circulation Diagram

Reiman Garden Circulation Diagram
Circulation Diagram

Reiman Garden Circulation Diagram
Master Plan

Reiman Garden Tres Fromme Reiman Garden Master Plan Meeting
Master Plan Workshop with Tres Fromme and Spurlock Poirier Master Plan Workshop

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